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Fall FrenzyElite Eight
October 21 - 22

The Elite Eight will begin at midnight Eastern Time on Tuesday, October 22nd and run for 48 hours. Teams will compete head to head. The team that rides the most miles in each matchup will advance.

All Tournament

At the end of the Fall Frenzy the top 10 overall riders will receive all tournament honors.

Rank Rider Team Miles
1 Joey Wilmot Houghton  Houghton 457.0
2 David Geyer LSU  LSU 377.2
3 Brian Johnson LSU  LSU 363.0
4 Justin Thomas SUNY - Binghamton  SUNY - Binghamton 315.6
5 Alyson Dickson Vanderbilt  Vanderbilt 293.2
6 Joshua Costa Schoolcraft  Schoolcraft 290.0
7 Nathan Hatch Houghton  Houghton 281.1
8 Brian Ratajczak Gannon  Gannon 265.5
9 Pat Skeate Carthage  Carthage 258.9
10 Corey Olson Carthage  Carthage 255.0

Want to ride in the Fall Frenzy? First register for My Expresso and then sign into an Expresso bike on campus and ride during tournament play. If you're already registered for My Expresso then you're all set. Just go ride!

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