Interactive Fitness
c. S has challenged you on the Expresso bike.
The Expresso bike combines virtual reality and friendly challenges for fun effective workouts. To accept the challenge you must:
  1. Sign into or create a My Expresso account (it’s free).
  2. Go ride the Expresso bike at “Wayne Nelson (Howell, MI)” and virtually race your friends.
Challenge Details
10.6 mi

Ride a roller coaster track?? Thunderball charts a course through a neon-colored lively carnival with some of the craziest animation in Expresso worlds. Not recommended for those with a fear of heights.

If you accept this challenge then the next time you ride “Thunderball” on the Expresso bike, the ghost of c. S will appear on your screen. Good Luck!

Rider: c. S
Tour: Thunderball
Miles: 10.67
Time: 40:41
Calories: 468
Speed: 15.8 MPH
Power: 167 Watts