Interactive Fitness
A. Slowrider has challenged you on the Expresso bike.
The Expresso bike combines virtual reality and friendly challenges for fun effective workouts. To accept the challenge you must:
  1. Sign into or create a My Expresso account (it’s free).
  2. Go ride the Expresso bike at “JCC - Greater Hartford Mandell (West Hartford, CT)” and virtually race your friends.
Challenge Details
18.2 mi

An eighteen mile course with large climb and frequent changing pitch, Ascension requires strength, endurance and heart. The crazy outer space setting, with space stations, asteroid belts and a billion-mile view look amazing before the pain sets in.

If you accept this challenge then the next time you ride “Ascension” on the Expresso bike, the ghost of A. Slowrider will appear on your screen. Good Luck!

Rider: A. Slowrider
Tour: Ascension
Miles: 18.30
Time: 1:05:34
Calories: 935
Speed: 16.6 MPH
Power: 213 Watts