Interactive Fitness
D. Jenniges has challenged you on the Expresso bike.
The Expresso bike combines virtual reality and friendly challenges for fun effective workouts. To accept the challenge you must:
  1. Sign into or create a My Expresso account (it’s free).
  2. Go ride the Expresso bike at “Rochester Athletic Club (Rochester, MN)” and virtually race your friends.
Challenge Details
Drifters Peak
10.1 mi

Drifter’s Peak is set in outer space but gravity is fully present. 5.5 miles of hard work gets you to the top of the peak; the next 4.6 miles of downhill is pure pleasure.

If you accept this challenge then the next time you ride “Drifters Peak” on the Expresso bike, the ghost of D. Jenniges will appear on your screen. Good Luck!

Rider: D. Jenniges
Tour: Drifters Peak
Miles: 10.16
Time: 52:05
Calories: 434
Speed: 11.7 MPH
Power: 115 Watts